Add or upgrade an audio video system in your RV

Add or upgrade an audio video system in your RV

When an audio video system is integrated into a recreational vehicle, special care must be taken. There are many considerations you need to consider before deciding what kind of system suits you and your family. With todays manufacturer offering 12 volt standard and marine class systems, it was not easier to add indoor / outdoor sound. Since most caravans and campsites have a 110volt supply, you provide the option of integrating home AV equipment with your 12volt system.

We should first talk about your options and what you might want your system to do. Video is one of the main components of a good RV system, considering the amount of time spent inside your RV (bad weather, cooking, entertaining the children and for motor homes while driving). With the ability to send audio and video signals, you can have a central media player device and display content in several zones. In other words, you can watch a movie on all TVs or watch different programs on each TV independently. Then the kids can play games or show their shows in their room and you can listen to music or watch a movie in the living room and even finish it in your bedroom. With the introduction of marine marine TV sets, it is also possible to get video out under your awning. There are many options for your video source, most trailer parks offer cable TV. Satellite TV is another great option and can be set up on site, or a mobile system can be installed on top of your RV, this is a good option for motor coaches where your passengers are able to watch TV while driving. You can also use a digital antenna to get free shipping where available. Now that weve covered network broadcasts, lets talk about media players. A typical source would be a DVD / CD or Blu-ray player. Remember when you choose to play all types of audio and video on a Blu-ray but can not play Blu-ray on a DVD / CD player. A media sever is a compact hard disk drive that lets you store movies, albums, photos, etc. This is a great option if you already have all your media on your home computer, just upload to the server and take it with you. The navigation on the media server is similar to an iPod screen and appears on the TV.

Now that we have covered video lets talk about sound. Most new RVs come with a stereo system of some kind, but the quality is not there (if it is raised high it breaks and is disturbed). This is not as bad as it sounds, often with the addition of a good amplifier and replacement of the stock speakers, this problem is solved. Caution must be taken when performing this type of installation, making sure you know which cables are going, and do not add extra speakers without operating them properly. Adding an external speaker is one of the most common upgrades. Before you make sure you buy the right speakers, they must be a marine class to stand with the elements. Just like the video system, your audio can be downloaded. So before buying, think about what youre trying to accomplish. One thing that is often overlooked is how much you really need your system to be. Keep in mind that most RV parks have rules and quiet time so spending a lot of money on a killer sound system might be waste and would have been better spent on another plate , media server, etc.

Installation is as important as the equipment you choose to buy. If you have not done this kind of work before it is strongly recommended that you have done it professionally. Keep in mind that you will handle two different electrical systems, both 12V and 110V, serious damage may occur if things are not connected properly. Here at Serious About Sound LLC, our technicians can help you design and choose the right products for you and your families. We also offer installation of all our manufacturers products. We are fully insured and have a safe facility to accommodate larger size RV. If you are a dealer, Serious About Sound can give you on-site installations. We try to make it easy for dealers to use our services on new and ordered caravans.

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