Music Headphone Buying Guide - The different headphones

Music Headphone Buying Guide - The different headphones

Do you want to get a pair of music headphones to listen to your music? How do you find the best stereo headphones to suit your needs?

In todays marketplace there are a large number of headphone manufacturers and models to choose from. Headphones have become increasingly popular because music is everywhere we are; Its on our phones, MP3 players and laptops. The newest generations of slim headphones deliver high-definition music or stereo sound directly to our ears, wherever we are.

It may or may not be a style that suits all your needs. Whether you prefer stylish headphones or full size cans (stereo headphones) its a matter of personal preference, and its nothing wrong to own more than a couple of course. How you plan to use the headphones will also be a major determinant of what models will work for you.

That said, the first step to choosing a pair of headphones determines what style or style will work for you.

Below is a summary of the different styles of stereo headphones:


You are probably familiar with earphones like earphones that usually come off when you buy an MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, iTouch, smart phone etc. These small headphones are located inside the ear canal. Earplugs are very small, which makes them good to travel with, they provide moderate to good insulation from external noise and are quite low costs. However, they do not typically provide high quality audio reproduction, can be uncomfortable for long periods of use or for those who do not like things in the ear canal, and they also tend to fall out during driving or other physical activities.

Sport headphones or clamp headphones

You may remember this category of headphones like the yellow headphones that used to come with the yellow colored Sony Walkman. Nowadays, some of these models have a plastic like frame that passes over the top of the head, around the neck or squeezes the ear. These are the types I personally want to use when driving or lifting weights in the gym. They hold their ears slightly better than earplugs under activity, do not need to put in the ear canal, do not overheat their ears, are portable and easy to travel with and are quite low costs.

Ear Pad Heaphones

The pillows from these headphones are in the ears as opposed to the ears (like ear plugs) or completely cover your ears (full-sized peripheral headphones). They tend to be quite comfortable, can provide high quality audio reproduction, do not overheat the ears as much as fully sealed headphones, are usually reasonably priced. However, they may become uncomfortable for long periods of use as they push down their ears since they are on them.

Fully sealed headphones

These headphones are also known as cans, stereo headphones, headphones headphones and even some other names. Basically, they seal around the ear so that it is completely enclosed, helping to eliminate external noise while producing a very high quality sound audio experience. These headphones provide high quality audio audio experience that provides a wide range of audio and eliminates sound from the outside. These headphones can overheat your ears and be uncomfortable over long periods of time, they are usually not as portable as the first two steps above, and they can be quite expensive depending on the model.

Larger headphones

These headphones help eliminate noise by creating noise. You may have seen people on the aircraft with this kind of headphones to eliminate the jet engine light signal while listening to music or maybe not. These headphones help reduce ambient noise, let you listen to your music at lower volumes and can produce very high sound quality. Some users may be disturbed by the pressure created to eliminate ambient noise (those with really sensitive ears), they can be bulky and heavy, use traditional batteries for power and can overheat the ears.

Wireless headphones

With advances in technology, these types of headphones are becoming increasingly popular in todays marketplace. They do not have any wires to keep you bound or to get you together. These headphones usually do not provide the sound quality of a wired headphone, they can be expensive and can also be bulky and heavy.

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